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Handmade by Arete

Key Fob Traditional Japanese Kimono Nezuxo

Key Fob Traditional Japanese Kimono Nezuxo

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Ideal for your keys with a hint of weeb, the complement you need if you are into anime.

The size is 6 inch long
Width 1 inch
Material : Fabric with fusible liner inside for more sturdiness.

Please note that they are hand made and it is almost impossible to make two exact same ones. That means if you buy more than 3 they might be slightly different or completely different even though they are made from the same exact fabric material, we always try to get the characters visible as much as possible.

** Disclaimer**
Some key fobs may be sewn in licensed fabric as permitted under The First Sale Doctrine. However, they are not a licensed product or affiliated with this fabric or trademarks.

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