About us

“If you like some type or cloth printings just wear them, no matter what other people think about it” – Neny Beasley

 Our store started as a personal dream, my husband and me always were talking about having a business, we are very hard worker people and we are looking for independent economy being our own boss, so that’s how Mexame Arête Co. LLC. was born, when the pandemic hit our country, I lost my job and it was hard to find another one, so I had that idea from my husband that he always wanted to have a sewing business, since we needed another form of income, I talked to him and I proposed to start our dream buying a couple of colored fabric to make some Face Masks, we sold a good quantity of them on different On-Line apps, after that I decided to try my luck with some of my favorite anime printings and it was a whole success! 

One day a customer asked me If I could make a scrub hat out of anime fabric, I told her that I had never made one but that I will try and showed her the finished work, then I sent her the pictures and she just loved it!, since then she started being one of my most faithful customers.

For me was an amazing feeling having a happy customer, since that day I started making the scrub caps for our beloved nurses, doctors, students, veterinarian and all people on the Medical Field, I feel our store brings them a little bit of joy and happiness to their noble labor while wearing our scrub caps with the printing they love.

Personally, I like make everything with high quality, attention to detail and treat them as if they were made for ourselves. That is why we have a lot of good reviews! Just take a look at the bottom part of our Website.

Currently, we are looking into In-Vitro process to have our first child, we are working as hard as possible to make that dream come true. 

We hope you become an important part of our dream!!...

 UPDATE: Thanks to your support, this year we became parents of a beautiful Baby Boy!!!, our in-vitro journey finally gave us the blessing of becoming parents! We hope to continue receiving your support to our store, that way we can have an extra income for our next stage with our little one!

Blessings and Hugs!

The Beasley's